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Welcome to redmire.net. This site is intended to provide genealogical information regarding the township of Redmire and surrounding area in Wensleydale, Yorkshire.

Redmire village is situated in Wensleydale, about 5 miles west of Leyburn, next to the village of Castle Bolton. The name is over a thousand years old, coming from the old English words `hreod' and `mere', meaning `reed' and `lake'. There is evidence of an Iron Age settlement in the village.

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My paternal ancestry centers on Redmire, but draws from all over the British Isles (so far...). My surname originates from the marriage of James STRINGER and Elizabeth CALVERT at Redmire in 1789. Elizabeth's elder brother, Rev. John CALVERT, did not marry and being the only son to survive to adulthood meant that the CALVERT line was dead. However, the Rev John's will states:

... And subject to the trusts hereinbefore thereof declared my 
said real estate shall be in trust for my nephew John STRINGER
his heirs and assigns for ever and I recommend and request that the 
said John STRINGER should take and use the surname of CALVERT ...

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Happy hunting, Dave Stringer-Calvert.